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June Christchurch Flowers

June signals the start of winter,
the start of the ski season.

It is no wonder that people who choose to send bouquets from the Christchurch florist are people who enjoy gardening.

June Gardening

  • Plant new roses. A thick layer of straw around the base will protect the young stems in cold areas.
  • Prune hydrangeas and take cuttings to grow new plants. Only cut back those stems that flowered last season.
  • Feed winter vegetables with Thrive Soluble or Aquasol to keep them growing well.
  • Spray water generously over frost-sensitive plants, before the sun hits their leaves in the morning, this may help prevent frost burn.
  • Plant asparagus, bulb-forming shallots and rhubarb crowns.
  • Plant Lilium bulbs. With their exotic flowers and gorgeous perfume, they are worth a place in any garden.
  • Control Petal blight which is a fungal disease that causes azalea flowers to rot on the bush. Pick off affected flowers and control with Bayleton.
  • Reduce watering of indoor plants in winter. Most come from warm climates, so adjust water to room temperature before you begin.
  • Crabapples and crepe myrtles are both attractive deciduous trees for the smaller garden. They can be planted this month.
  • Get rid of lawn weeds with a selective weed killer. Check the label carefully to make sure these products can be applied to your lawn.
  • Split up established daylilies and spread to other parts of the garden.
  • Plant hippeastrum bulbs with the top of the bulb protruding from the soil.
  • Prune sasanqua camellias after flowering has finished.
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