When a loved one far away is hospitalized, it is nice to able to reach out to them with flowers.

Thanks for the prompt and personal service. They were greatly appreciated.

I would certainly recommend you to others and would not hesitate in ordering via the internet again.
Much Appreciated,

Therese and Matt Towner – Sydney, Australia.

P.S. – Do not hesitate to use this as a reference, in future.

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1. Refund or Replacement Policy.
Any dissatisfaction with NZFLOWERBIZ service within 24 hours will be reviewed and acted on accordingly either by refund or replacement. My commitment is to retain you and the recipient as clients.

2. Terms and Conditions of Delivery.
On placement of your order the requested date and approximate time of delivery will be confirmed.
3. All transactions in New Zealand Dollars.

Read some comments about other florists:

ABC11 Eyewitness News teamed up with some of our sister TV stations across the country, sent each other flowers and put the major online florists to the test.

Our first test, Teleflora.com. We at WTVD sent a "Be Happy" bouquet to WPVI-TV in Philadelphia. The bouquet had a big yellow smiley-face mug filled with yellow roses and white daisies. Here's what was delivered: The big smile was right, but instead of yellow roses, WPVI got peach-colored flowers. The florist who made the bouquet told Eyewitness News that she used peach roses because she did not have yellow roses at the time.

The next site, ftd.com. WTVG in Toledo ordered a Valentine's mixed bouquet and sent it to WPVI in Philadelphia. When it arrived, it was smaller and skimpier than the picture. The flowers were wilted and one of the roses was broken. A lily also quickly fell off. An FTD representative apologized and said FTD stands behind every bouquet they deliver. They said our experience was unusual, but since they guarantee fresh, beautiful floral arrangements that last at least seven days, they offered to replace the bouquet or refund our money.

Proflowers.com was the next test. WPVI sent a dozen pink roses with a Valentine's Day balloon to WTVG. Good news! That's exactly what was delivered.

WPVI went through 1800flowers.com to send a Valentine "Sad Sam" with six pink roses to us at WTVD. We received a perfect match - - Sad Sam and six pink roses.

The story was not so good with Virtualflowers.com. We at WTVD sent a "peach rose basket" to WTVG in Toledo. When it arrived, there were pink roses and other differently colored flowers. The arrangement was delivered on a Saturday - - two days before it was supposed to be delivered.
The flower shop that made the arrangement had this to say about delivering the online order two days early: "That's our mistake. That is our mistake because it did say deliver on the 23rd."

As far as the pink roses, instead of peach, floral shop owner Sandy Sack said the order form called for a few pink roses with purple flowers in a small brown basket. She says she did not get a picture from Virtualflowers.com of what was ordered.

"When you do it online, as in this case, we didn't have a picture, so it was our interpretation of what we were given," Sack said. "Obviously, it's someone else's interpretation of what you ordered because the colors came across not even correct."

Besides possibly getting the wrong order, she also says going online will cost you more, as there are extra fees.

"Shopping online - - the thought is it's really easy, it's convenient," Sack said. "But it would be better to go and look at the city, find a flower shop in that city than to use an online service."

A representative for Virtualflowers.com said delivering flowers on the wrong date is not a common problem. He also said virtualflowers.com deals with 30,000 florists nationwide, and they have a 48-hour redelivery guarantee. As for the pink flowers instead of peach, virtualflowers.com does have on it's Web site that containers and flowers may vary on availability

Tips for flower-buyers
No matter what you choose, whether online or walk-in, remember to order your flowers right. Be specific. If there is something you want, make sure you ask for it, and always get a receipt or what you ordered and when it will arrive.
If the order does arrive and it's wrong, it doesn't hurt to call and complain. The majority of online sites we ordered from do have a 100-percent guarantee.

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