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Valentine's day Flowers Christchurch

The Switch: from dating to a relationship.

Do you buy her or him flowers for Valentines Day?

How do you know when you're crossing the line from dating to relationship? These sure signs indicate that your once-casual dating is moving into more serious relationship territory. (If you are in Christchurch buy flowers from the florist).

Sometimes casual dating becomes more serious very quickly... how do you gauge the change? When does the switch from dating to a relationship occur? This is a very grey area; so keep your eyes peeled for the signs that you have become involved in a relationship.

Here are some (definitely not all) of the indicators that you have walked past that imaginary line and entered into relationship territory.

1. You Are Spending A Holiday With His/Her Parents in Christchurch

Didn't have anything special to do on Easter? Did you casually accept an invitation to go out of town and visit the parents? Did you think this was just another date? More...


Sumner Flowers

Sumner flowersWalk into any Sumner florist and you will see a wild variety of plants and flowers in a dizzying array of colours.

This can make the job of choosing what is right for your home or garden a difficult one, albeit one that is fun to do. There are some veteran gardeners who look at colourful flowers as being nothing but eye candy, but the fact of the matter is that many of them actually serve a purpose beyond just looking pretty in a pot or a flower bed.

Think of it this way, do you really want your garden to look bare until such times as your larger planting projects finally come to life? More...

Florist Christchurch in Cathedral Rebuild

Christchurch CathedralOne of the most iconic structures in all of New Zealand is the fabled Christchurch Cathedral which currently lies in ruins after a massive earthquake heavily damaged the structure in 2011. Currently, florists Christchurch business owners are assisting in the effort to have the structure rebuilt which reflects the great importance the residents have placed on this building. More...

Christchurch earthquake memorial

Vegetables market ChristchurchTravel to just about any part of the world and you will find memorials of one kind or another. As macabre as it may seem to some to have a reminder of a less than pleasant part of history, the fact remains that we all need a reminder of times that were not so good. The people lost in tragic events deserved to be remembered by more than just the family members they left behind, which is why so many memorials contain the names of all the people lost. The Christchurch Earthquake Memorial will soon join the list of reminders of tragic events, but not everyone is in agreement as to how it should look. More...

Christchurch Florist Flowers and Vegetables

Vegetables market ChristchurchWhen planting a garden there are a number of ways you can set up the potential fruits and vegetables to plant. When determining the location the Christchurch florist recommends knowing how much sun and shade the potential location gets. When deciding to plant, Christchurch florist recommends that you plant a mixture of vegetables and flowers. When a location loses sun early, this is an ideal candidate for the mixture. More...

Ellerslie International Flower Show Christchurch

Arranging GerberasChristchurch flowers are known for being some of the prettiest and being a part of the prettiest arrangements in the Pacific. For people looking for top of the line floral arrangements and high quality customer care, they often search for a Christchurch florist that can provide everything that they need for an event. These events can range in size from a large, glamorous wedding to a small everyday token of appreciation of a spouse or loved on. Either way, it’s important to find a florist that can take care of everything in a timely manner with a smile on their face. But sometimes it can be very difficult, considering that not everybody gives satisfactory customer treatment and not all floral arrangements are particularly beautiful. More...

Florists in Christchurch Rebuild

RosesThe Christchurch City Council admits it's battling to look after its rebuilding
work and should provide responsibility to a more capable development
authority specifically formed for the handling of development investment
opportunities for the city. What is A Development Authority? Typically a development authority is legally separate from the establishing city, in this case Christchurch. Establishing a development authority ensures that Christchurch has limited liability More...



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