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Christchurch is the place to beThe city of Christchurch may still be in the recovery stage after its infamous earthquake, but there is a reason for celebration, as many now view it as the best place to live in New Zealand. A recent study conducted by Interbrand, who spoke to politicians, business leaders, and other important community members, revealed that as far as being a Kiwi goes, Christchurch is the place to be. It has become a real city of opportunity, and with its growth and rebuilding still being worked on, you have to believe that it’s only going to get better in the coming years.

The city has taken on a bit of a new look after the earthquake, with gardens and flowers popping up all over and adding a much needed splash of color to a community that was down. It is perhaps that fighting spirit that has helped put Christchurch back on the map, but a new video made to highlight all that is good about the city shows why it’s the place to be for Kiwi’s. The people of New Zealand seek a place where they can grow and maintain a perfect balance between work and social life, and it would seem that Christchurch is the place that delivers that the best.

There were a number of things that were deemed to be appealing about Christchurch, and it all begins with the truly stunning setting. There are few cities in New Zealand as pretty as this one, and being close to the ocean is another check mark in its favor. People also seemed to enjoy the fact that the size of the city was not so big as too be too busy, but also not so small as to have nothing to do there. The amenities and activities on offer in and around Christchurch also helped get it some high marks.

Auckland was also considered to be among the best, but the cost of housing there made it a little less attractive when compared to what’s on offer in Christchurch. The general consensus was that this is a city where everyone can live a comfortable life, with a nice home, and lots of great things to do there too. It has a major airport and sea port, not to mention top quality broadband, which helps Christchurch residents have a major connection with the world outside its borders.

The future looks very bright for Christchurch, and many people who moved away after the earthquake are starting to return to help with the ongoing rebuilding effort. It’s an exciting time to be a resident of Christchurch, and if you know someone who is making a move to the city and into your neighborhood, why not add to the color by welcoming them to their new home with a flower delivery. People want to be part of a community, and there is a very strong one indeed in the city of Christchurch.

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