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Flower Delivery Christchurch Papanui, Edgeware, Shirley

Flower Delivery ChristchurchThere are countless different ways to show off your romantic side, and it has to be said that a special flower delivery in Christchurch to your loved one is high up on that list. We really hope that true love never goes out of style, and judging by today’s younger generation, it looks as though affairs of the heart may well be in good hands. The reason we say this is because of a story that recently came out of Christchurch, where a young man took his favorite girl out on a date. While that may not sound quite so special, it’s the details of the story that have caused it to go viral, and to have the whole world falling in love with the couple.

The young man in question is named Freddie Gibson, and his first date is special because he is just 5 years old. His best friend is a little girl named Dee Dee, and Freddie wanted to go out of his way to show het just how much she means to him. As most of you are probably well aware, going on a date can be an expensive affair, especially when you want it to be something truly memorable. Freddie was undaunted by this seemingly minor detail, and he set about plopping money into his piggy bank on a regular basis.

Once Freddie had the money he needed to take Dee Dee for a nice meal, he sent her a formal invitation by post. He decided to wait until his special girl had turned 5 years old before asking her out, though, perhaps because he wanted to date a girl his own age. It was his own birthday money that put him over the top, and once Dee Dee had responded with a yes, Freddie made sure to purchase a wallet so that his hard earned money would be safe.

Flower Delivery Christchurch Freddie Freddie upped the charm before the date by having flowers delivered to Dee Dee, before taking her out for a meal that included a very special ice cream treat with hearts all over it. It seems that the flowers and the meal had the desired effect, because the rumor now is that Dee Dee is on the lookout for a wedding dress, just in case Freddie decides to pop the question when they go in a second date. It’s easy to see why this story has hearts fluttering all over the world.

While we can’t all be as smooth and sophisticated as Freddie, we can still find ways to show someone special just how much we love them. The gift of flowers is one of the best ways to do that, especially if you choose flowers that have a particular meaning. There is no need to wait for anniversaries or other special occasions, as having flowers delivered in Papanui, Edgeware, Shirley, and beyond, is something that can be done any day of the week. Why not be as cool as Freddie and call in a flower delivery today?

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Flower Delivery Christchurch Papanui, Edgeware, Shirley

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