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Call Free Florists Christchurch brings you a list of the meanings of roses. Roses & flowers convey messages of emotion - love; celebration; sorrow - to name a few.

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and his team of master florists Christchurch capture the silent meaning of roses. Speak with finesse and bring the language of roses to your gifts.

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ROSE (BRIDAL) - Happiness
ROSE (BURGANDY) - Unconscious Beauty
ROSE (CHRISTMAS)- Relieve my anxiety
ROSE (CORAL) - Desire
ROSE (DAMASK) - Freshness, Persian Ambassador of Love
ROSE (DOG) - Pleasure & Pain
ROSE (GREEN) - I am from Mars
ROSE (HIBISCUS) - Delicate, Beauty
ROSE (LEAF) - You may Hope
ROSE (LAVENDER) - Enchantment
ROSE (ORANGE) - Fascination
ROSE (PINK) - Perfect Happiness, Secret Love, Grace & Sweetness, Indecision
ROSE (DARK PINK) - Thankfulness
ROSE (PALE PINK) - Grace, Joy
ROSE (PEACH) - Immortality, Modesty
ROSE (RED) - Love, I love you, Respect, Beauty
ROSE (DEEP RED) - Bashful, Shame
ROSE (TEA) - I'll Remember - Always
ROSE (THORNLESS) - Love at first sight, Early Attachment
ROSE (WHITE) - Innocence, Purity, Humility, I am Worthy of You, Secrecy, Silence
ROSE (WHITE & RED TOGETHER) - Unity, Flower Emblem of England
ROSE (WHITE-DRIED) - Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue
ROSE (YELLOW) - Joy, Jealousy, Friendship (one yellow rose with 11 red ones means love & passion)
ROSEBUD - Beauty & Youth, A Heart Innocent of Love
ROSEBUD (RED) - Pure & Lovely
ROSEBUD (WHITE) - Girlhood, Heart Ignorant of Love
ROSEBUD (MOSS) - Confessions of Love
ROSES (Bouquet of full bloom) - Gratitude
ROSES (Single full bloom) - I truly love you, Simplicity.
ROSES (GARLAND or CROWN OF) - Beware of Virtue, Reward of Merit, Symbol of Superior Merit
ROSE-OF-SHARON - Consumed by Love

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Thank you for your help when I ordered flowers from Australia last Friday. A pleasure to deal with and I am told the flowers are 'just beautiful'.
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