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Vegetables market ChristchurchWhen planting a garden there are a number of ways you can set up the potential fruits and vegetables to plant. When determining the location the Christchurch florist recommends knowing how much sun and shade the potential location gets. When deciding to plant, Christchurch florist recommends that you plant a mixture of vegetables and flowers. When a location loses sun early, this is an ideal candidate for the mixture.

When getting ready to plant, the decision needs to be made as to the type of fertiliser to use, and the Christchurch florist recommends that a liquid manure is used, and the benefit of this is there is the alternative, animal manure, tends to have high levels of nitrogen.

As the winter season is upon us, it is time to begin planting the winter vegetables. As you begin to plant your broccoli, cauliflower, silver beet and celery, keep in mind the recommended flower and vegetable garden. In the areas which remain cooler in your garden you can utilise the area by planting a number of different varieties of carrots. Fast maturing carrots are recommended by the Christchurch florist, as long as there is rich soil and plenty of water.

As you are planting vegetables in your garden in is great to create order, which chives and spring onions are great for making borders and separation. Also, ensure regular pruning to encourage the production of fruits and vegetables rather than leaves. There are a number of other onions that can be used as borders, which are not particular about soil and the bulbs can be submerged in the soil. These onions consist of tree onions, which are known as Egyptian Onions by some.

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Christchurch flowersAs you incorporate flowers into your garden, and need to fill the warmer sun soaked areas, it is good to begin to focus on ranunculus and anemone, which are great to grow from Christchurch florist seedlings. When planting your winter vegetables, it is a good time to plant your flowers seeing as you want the time and sun to give a good growth start before winter hits.

Ensure the quality of the soil is high, and you want plenty of sun during the day. As Anemones will take about 7 months to flower, you want a nice growth head start before winter. Ensure you continue to water liberally.

When planting ranunculus, use a thin level of soil to cover the seedling and provide adequate water. If you also have auriclas and primulas, you will want to ensure they have been placed in enriched soil and provided adequate water.


As you begin to plant your fruit, ensure the soil for strawberries and tomatoes is adequately manured. If you grow potatoes, when it is time to plant the fruit it is Christchurch florist recommendation to place fruit where the potatoes grew.

Ensure that there is pruning on a regular basis, as if the leaves are allowed to grow to full then this can hinder the growth of the fruit. Lastly, when the fruit is approaching ripeness you will begin to reduce the amount of water provided.

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