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Christchurch flowers are known for being some of the prettiest and being a part of the prettiest arrangements in the Pacific. For people looking for top of the line floral arrangements and high quality customer care, they often search for a Christchurch florist that can provide everything that they need for an event. These events can range in size from a large, glamorous wedding to a small everyday token of appreciation of a spouse or loved on. Either way, it’s important to find a florist that can take care of everything in a timely manner with a smile on their face. But sometimes it can be very difficult, considering that not everybody gives satisfactory customer treatment and not all floral arrangements are particularly beautiful. Plus, with the annual Ellerslie International Flower Show being cancelled for this year, it can be especially hard to get a good idea of what kind of floral arrangements are available.

Christchurch flowers

Arranging GerberasSo what’s our point of difference? Price and freshness that we deliver. The Christchurch Florist provides fabulously fresh flowers, all grower direct.
Seeking a Christchurch florist will turn up a few results, but none are quite as artistically inclined or dedicated to the art of floral arrangement and growth as The Christchurch Florist. Growing flowers, much like arranging them, is an art: flowers are incredibly gentle and prone to dying easily if cared for by inexperienced gardeners. They required quite a bit of TLC and aren’t nearly as hardy as commonly grown food crops and aesthetic garden plants. Christchurch flowers take particular skill, as they are known for being some of the most beautiful and consequently some of the most fragile flowers in the Pacific. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse in 2016, when another garden show is rumored to take place?

Arranging flowers

Arranging flowers is another component of this art. It is important to get a Christchurch florist that understands how and where to properly place flowers in relation to each other. Otherwise, arrangements just end up looking sloppy and unrefined, which is the exact opposite of the elegant imagery of flowers. Christchurch flowers should be arranged in order to bring out their dignity and beauty, and to uphold the standard that has been established here in New Zealand. We do this by keeping up with the latest floral news and providing that news to the customer as well so that they know what to expect from top of the line, up to date floral arrangements.

Ellerslie Florists in Christchurch

The best part about the Christchurch Florist is that prices are competitively low, so that getting a floral arrangement for a loved one doesn’t mean spending too much money and that getting elegant floral arrangements for a wedding doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

When looking to capture the beauty and essence of Christchurch flowers, people should look no further. Our floral arrangements draw in tourists and residents alike at floral shows such as the Ellerslie International Flower Show, and we aim to put our flowers on display in 2016 with a new show as well.

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